luni, 14 septembrie 2009

Not even you

It’s your decision, you can choose,
I’ve always been the one to lose,
Your soul is free, your mind is free
And both of them just don't know me.

It’s awfully real and deadly true
I, only,hope for me and you.

I search the whole whorld just to find
The perfect way to cure my mind
From all the feelings that i keep
Inside my soul way way to deep.

Now if you really made a choice
I barelly dare to hear your voice,
My heart just told to me not to go
But i can’t stand another NO!

4 comentarii:

  1. hmm chiar iti place?
    nu as prea vrea sa scriu pe tema asta dar.. se mai intampla..... des...:))

  2. draguta! sunt mici disonante la ritm, dar engleza nu e o limba usor de manipulat in poezie

  3. multumesc de trecere.
    nu stiu de ce folosesc engleza mai des in ultima vreme..... trairile sunt in limba romana :)


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